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Depends on location, distance from the exchange and other factors
Depends on location, distance from the exchange and other factors
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Our portfolio now includes Superpowered Fibre Business Broadband  - providing a power boost for businesses that rely heavily on the internet. And if you don't need fibre yet, you can easily upgrade in the future.

Included as standard. As the business version of the award-winning HomeSafe, WorkSafe ensures that threats from malicious site are eliminated before they reach your connected device.
Manage your account your way with MyAccount. In our secure, online portal you can view your current and past invoices, service status, make payments and manage your security settings - 24/7/365.

Our packages offer great value broadband, line rental and call options, with no hidden extras. Simply choose the package that suits you best, on either a 12 and 24 month agreement.

We operate the UK's largest IP network and our UK-based call centres enable us to provide a more personal service to you and your business at every stage.
*For new 24 month contracts on Standard and Superpowered PRO Anytime Packages that include line rental, Anytime Calls and Broadband. A credit, equivalent to the broadband cost, will be applied to the first 3 months of the contract. This is equivalent to £10 per month for Standard Broadband and £34.95 per month for Superpowered Broadband. Credit excludes any line rental and / or call costs / packages. Offer ends 19th September 2013.
All prices include line rental and calls. Free line installation on 24 month contracts.
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