Competitive SME 20 Minute Master Class

"Building Sales Teams and Effective People"

This FREE seminar focuses on the hiring and development of your sales people

TalkTalk Business is helping small businesses like you become 'BETA Businesses'. What is a BETA Business? An agile business, one in a perpetual state of improvement making changes incrementally.


The objective? Agility = Competitiveness = Revenue

Let us help you become a BETA Business. Competitive SME specialist and author David Hood is working with us to bring you a definitive series of webinars to help you improve revenue, with the help of expert guest speakers. This month media expert Martin Gibbons talks about how to build sales teams and effective people, focusing on hiring and development.


Competing as a small business you need a practical and powerful set of tools let us help you develop these......


What will you take away from this seminar?

Key elements to look out for, that make great sales people
How to hire (and keep) great sales and other key people
Ensuring your people connect, communicate and add value


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