Increasingly, businesses are moving critical infrastructure online, making them more vulnerable to digital threats.


Yet Juniper Research's study found that despite increased concern and spend on cyber security over the last year, there is a high degree of complacency, with few common practices in response to this threat.


+ 75% of organisations feel secure, even though 1 in 2 have been attacked

+ Less than half have secure practice guidelines to keep themselves safe

+ Over 70% said IT was solely responsible for cyber security, despite the main risks they identified, involving employees from across their business


Kristine Olson-Chapman, General Manager at TalkTalk Business added:


“For us cyber security is no longer just a technology issue, it’s a business issue for the whole company. Any business that has ever had a cyber attack will tell you that they never expected it, even with all the processes in place. Businesses need to ask themselves what they need to do now to plan and prepare.” 


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