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Despite economic conditions, UK companies are still ambitious for growth.
Can you keep up?

Geared for Growth is a joint research project between TalkTalk Business and the ICAEW publication Economia, examining the key factors that both help and hinder company growth. It also questions whether the UK produces as many large business success stories as it should.

Rapid growth stories of recent years demonstrates that the new powerhouse companies are more likely to be technology companies. These companies can be defined as those that depend even more than most businesses on a reliable and well-resourced technology infrastructure.

It is fair to say that technology has become so much a part of the everyday business landscape that it is now seen as a ‘hygiene’ factor, something that every business needs in order to survive, let alone grow. However, when it comes to how technology affects growth, respondents were clear that its role was to help firms make efficiencies and savings, with 80% saying it was important and 16% thinking it was very important.

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