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From 13th June 2014, it will be a legal requirement to provide a zero or standard charge number for post contract customer service and helpline numbers.

Many businesses are expected to suffer as they will be forced to switch from revenue generating lines to a zero or standard charge line. Moreover, they will have the added challenge and cost of managing number changes within their business. Our evidence suggests that many businesses are either still unaware of the legislation or ill prepared for the change.

With the changes imminent, now is the time to act. Changing numbers can take time and new numbers have to published and communicated in plenty of time ahead of the changes required for 13th June 2014.

Download our mini guide which provides a 6 point action plan that your company will need to take to ensure you remain compliant. Or watch the recorded webinar - “Preparing for the impact of new consumer regulation on telephone helplines in June 2014” which outlines how this affects you and the options available.

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A layman’s guide to the new legislation

The impact this could have on your business with some insightful real life examples

The number replacement options available to you

Great tips to help you manage change effectively and on time
Download the mini guide
Download the recorded webinar
What is the new legislation and how I am affected?

6 point action plan

Understand the financial impact

Keeping your customers informed